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For local & regional charities who often are unable to afford quality photography, Legacy Dawns is a Beyond Memory | Photography program that offers love-filled luxury images at a reduced charge that honour life in every season - especially for individuals/families facing loss or hardships and disadvantaged communities. Unlike our standard rates, we underwrite over 90% of the cost for these services.  


It is our desire to use our gifts to add to the world, to get involved, to give of our ourselves, and to alter the course of our living history by telling someone's story.

For Charitable Insititutions 

THE PROBLEM: Visibility and relatability are imperative to the success of community outreach efforts. People need to know your resources are out there and see the impact of your mission. You can have great intentions and revolutionary ideas to better the futures of individuals in your community,  yet without visibility how will anyone know to seek your services? Like every business, investing in developing a strong brand identity and recognition is key to reaching target audiences; whether they be donors, sponsors, stakeholders, or the individuals your agency serves.


Unfortunately, due to the massive funding gap between charities and for-profit businesses, the standard industry rates for professional branding/corporate photography can make these essentials seem more like a luxury. Consequently many choose to either forgo it all together or settle with the cheaper available options. This always results in a struggle to engage their public or reach donors. Our Legacy Dawns program seeks to make powerful marketing accessible to Texas agencies working to better their communities.

Our experience working in and photographing for non-profit organizations, our professional marketing background, and our commitment to compassionate care in photography will ensure we keep branding in mind while respecting and honouring those you serve. To learn more about our services be sure to check out: What to Expect From Expert Non-Profit Photography.

For Individuals & Families

Life is precious, joyous, exhausting, traumatic, and ever-evolving, the images we capture create lasting documentation honouring the unique life and memories of those braving each day.  Our hope is that the pictures we take for nominated individuals and families will restore hope and bear witness to personal journeys, and record stories of moments, milestones, and loved ones they can revisit and cherish for generations to come. Is there a person or family in your organisation's community that you'd like to nominate? Make sure to include why you're nominating them and the session you believe would be a perfect fit for them.

Photography Services

What we believe...

Our gifts and talents are God's gift to us. What we do with them is our gift back to God.

We believe in giving back.

We believe in hope.

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