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Why Hire a Pro

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

to Photograph Your Non-Profit Events and Marketing Collateral?

With experience working in and photographing for non-profit organizations and having a professional background in marketing, our expertise makes tailored high-end marketing images accessible to non-profit agencies and communities.

  • Technical Knowledge Ensures Quality – Everything from lighting to camera angles and lens choices, to changes between indoor and outdoor photography can be unpredictable with events. A professional photographer understands their gear and is equipped to make on-the-spot adjustments. We already know the fundamentals and mechanics to provide excellent images in a variety of settings and circumstances. 

  • Frees You to Focus on Your Event and Your Own Strengths – It may seem feasible to simply have a staff member document a fundraiser or awareness campaign; but it never fails that staff is pulled in lots of directions and moments get missed, important speakers are not captured, and opportunities are lost. Our job is to be there to photograph your key moments so you and your team focus on delivering a great event.

  • Powerful Marketing Collateral - Taking a photograph is more than having a camera and pressing a button. When photographing, we are deliberate and intentional. We are constantly evaluating for the right set-up, looking for true moments, and working to capture images that help you connect and communicate your mission to donors, sponsors, and the community members you serve. 

    • While cell phone pictures can be a good supplemental source for social media content, high-resolution professional imagery builds quality branding that engages your audience. Your images give an expectation of what to expect. They allow communities to see themselves in your outreach, feel connected, and want to take part. 

    • Having provided impactful creative solutions and marketing services for various non-profits prior to becoming a full-time photographer, we assure you that investing in quality branding collateral can make the difference to potential sponsors and maximize your fundraising goals.

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What to Expect

What to Expect

From Expert Non-Profit Photography

We love working in partnership with your mission to help provide images that showcase, embrace, and celebrate the differences you are making in your community and the lives of the individuals you serve. 

Providing full-service sponsorships goes beyond the duration of the event or session. For every project we also donate: 

  • Coverage Consultations – We meet with you to talk about your mission and your coverage vision. We work within your time and your budget to maximize your investment and ensure your key deliverables are met. We also provide our expert advice on how to achieve your image goals regarding lighting, location, set-up, and expectations. 

  • Event Walk Through and Photography Planning – Providing professional marketing pictures for your non-profit is more than just us showing up. Before the event, we work with key organizers to understand the day-of itinerary, venue policies, and if necessary will often join you at a site visit to do a walkthrough. You will get our advice on how to ensure we can get you the moments that matter to you, on how to ensure your audience is aware of our presence, and options for coverage in different scenarios. 

  • Post Service Services - Rush delivery date with one week turn arounds. In the world of non-profits, time matters, so we offer fast delivery with professional editing for basic colour correction. This is also a week where we willingly limit other paying bookings to provide quality service to all.

  • Priority and attention - You will get high quality and true dedication.

  • We underwrite over 90% of the costs - We underwrite over 90% of the cost of our services so that local organizations working to provide better opportunities for the communities can benefit from quality marketing images. 

    • Regarding rates: Based on feedback we have received from our various non-profit partners, most partners prefer having set pricing. This allows for them to budget for event expenses when planning them at the top of the year. As such, we have switched to a fixed priced system. To view our rates check out our Pricing and Packages here.

Since we easily get booked months to a year in advance and have limited yearly Passion Project sponsor hours available, it is important to let us know early the events and dates you would like us to cover. 

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